A Place to Call Home

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  • Commentary

    Can we (finally) begin a serious dialogue about climate change?

    By Michael Catania

    November 9, 2012

    It's still dark and cold when I wake up. Instinctively, I listen for the sound of the generator. Hearing nothing, I begin to panic, until I remember that we've been turning it off at night to stretch our supply of bottled gas.  More »

  • Shining a light on "home insecure" youth

    By Elisabeth Perez-Luna

    June 17, 2011

    In West Philadelphia, a group of teenagers have been working with artists, counselors and teachers exploring what "home" means. It's organized by the Mural Arts project. The young people's photos and stories inspired public health researchers to look closely at an aspect of urban teenage life that is dangerous and under-reported. Just mention the word homeless and images of ...  More »

  • audio mural

    How teens see 'home,' even when they lack one

    By Elisabeth Perez Luna

    June 17, 2011

    How do you describe what home means? One way is by sharing stories that speak of the many ways we live. When a group of West Philadelphia teens told their stories as part of their participation in the Mural Arts Project "A Place to Call Home," they opened up a surprising and poignant narrative about their "home insecure" world. WHYY producer Elisabeth Perez-Luna wove their st...  More »

  • Crack house becomes 'A Place to Call Home'

    By Peter Crimmins

    June 11, 2011

    A former crack house in Mantua has been transformed into an art installation by the Mural Arts Program. Addressing issues about homelessness—particularly homeless youth—"A Place to Call Home" spreads beyond the house, throughout the block and down the street. The multi-part project on the 3800 block of Melon Street actually begins about a half-mile away, where posters are wheat-pasted o...  More »

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