The state of Delaware is also working hard to deal with damage left behind after the weekend's snowstorm. 

Gov. Jack Markell says he's augmenting 500 Delaware Department of Transportation workers with 260 members of the National Guard.

"I think we are dealing with it OK, it's not perfect yet," he said.  "We had a lot of snow, we had a lot of flooding in the southern part of our state but we had an extraordinary response from our first responder  law enforcement community and others."

Markell says the state's beaches took a hit.

"We lost a lot of dune in Rehoboth and Bethany.  The good news is we're talking about the loss of sand rather than the loss of property, but it was the sand that was there that protected the property.  We're pretty vulnerable at the moment."

The governor says planning is already moving ahead with the Army Corps of Engineers to rebuild the dunes.