Poet Sonia Sanchez spoke with NewsWorks Tonight about her role as Philadelphia's first poet laureate and recited "10 Haikus for Max Roach," a poem from her most recent collection, "Morning Haiku."

Sanchez said she wants to make Philadelphia a "monument to peace." To that end, she has been visiting schools, teaching students about haiku, a peaceful poetic form traditionally taken from elements of nature.

Does poetry have the power to inspire
peace? Give us your thoughts below.

It's important not just how to learn how to write a haiku, she said, but "to have a haiku life" — to understand nature and nature's connection to ourselves. There is no greed or violence in haiku, she said.

Feeling inspired? In the comments below, share with us a haiku about something wonderful and non-violent and beautiful in the city of Philadelphia. Remember: three lines, alternating 5, 7 and 5 syllables. (See Sanchez' example above for help.)

As part of the Philadelphia Book Festival, Sanchez will speak at the Free Library, Wednesday, April 18, 2012.