Summer reading lists abound this time of year. Whether it's fiction or nonfiction — something heady or playful — that makes it onto your list, what you read is likely the result of an author heeding a classic piece of writing advice: Write what you know.

WHYY's Morning Edition host Jennifer Lynn reached out to three local authors who've done just that. In the weeks ahead, we'll take in the stories of how personalities, experiences, choices, passions, and life circumstances play out in the books they've published.

This week, we hear from Francis W. Hoeber. His book "Against Time: Letters from Nazi Germany, 1938-1939" chronicles the story of a couple navigating their marriage at a dangerous time in history. The book pairs Hoeber's curious nature with an irresistible opportunity.


Next week, we'll hear from novelist Jerri Williams, author of "Pay to Play."