Thursday afternoon, somewhere between the opening prayer and the first bite, a few people at table might want to hear from everyone present what they are thankful for. It's a great idea.

But by the time you've survived the grocery store dodge-carts, the interminable traffic, the unfortunate slip of a paring knife, the blisters of an unseen oven rack, and the political harangue of an irascible uncle, you might be in more of a mood to catalog those things you could do without instead.


Here's a list of 10 things to be ungrateful for.

10. Cowboys games on Thanksgiving Day.

9. Andy Reid. (Sorry, dude. But if it helps, we're not any more grateful for this video.)

8. The travel! (But we are thankful when we get there.)

7. Shoppers who act like they are preparing for Armageddon rather than a holiday meal.

6. The Christmas music in the car on the way to Thanksgiving dinner. (Just wait one more day. Please.)

5. The distance between family members who can't come in for the big day. (But we can be thankful for Skype.)

4. Clean-up after that sleep-inducing meal.

3. Turkey-based leftovers until Christmas. (Or... maybe this is your favorite part?)

2. Cynical holiday-inspired lists on websites.

1. Hurricane Sandy and the difficult conversations with displaced family members about response, costs, rebuilding and more. (On the other hand, we can be thankful to see those folks at the table this year.)


Heaven knows, there's enough to be thankful for to help us get through the rougher edges. (And honestly, some of these edges aren't so rough, all things considered.) Enjoy the holiday the best way you can. Best wishes to everyone! Keep your belts loose and your patience intact.

Thanks to Shai Ben-Yaacov, Denis Devine, Elizabeth Fiedler, Don Henry, Benjamin Herold, Jennifer Lynn, Shannon McDonald, Aaron Moselle, Marty Moss-Coane, and Maiken Scott.