Considering the destruction Hurrican Sandy visited upon the Jersey Shore, NewsWorks reader A.D. Godbee had some concerns about the Midmer-Losh pipe organ in Atlantic City's historic Boardwalk Hall.

He asked: How has restoration on the instrument advanced? And did flooding from Sandy damage the building or the console?

WHYY reporter Mary Cummings-Jordan followed up and has good news. The organ is OK.

Here is what she found out:

I spoke to Carl Loeser, organ curator at Boardwalk Hall. No problems with the organ during the storm.

The building took a couple of inches of water in spots, but the roof was fine, organ unaffected, and Carl, Buddy Grover [a volunteer working on restoration of the instrument] and crew are moving steadily along on restoration.

Also, Buddy was on a cruise when the storm hit. Good timing! He's also back in his apartment now, no problems.

There has also been some confusion over which organ is larger — the Wanamaker in Philadelphia or the Midmer-Losh in A.C. We dug up some information on that account last spring.