Artist Jasper Johns was in town Oct. 25 to attend the Philadelphia Museum of Art's opening celebration of its latest exhibition, "Dancing around the Bride." Johns' work, which is featured in the show, explores how French-born Marcel Duchamp influenced the lives and avant-garde work of Johns and three other important American postwar artists: composer John Cage, dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham, and visual artist Robert Rauschenberg.

More than 240 guests enjoyed cocktails in the Great Stair Hall and dinner on the East Balcony prepared by Starr Events. The menu included squash mezzo rigatoni, herb-crusted branzino, and a selection of desserts including apple beignet and vanilla bean brulee.

Following dessert, Margaret Leng Tan performed Cage's "Music for Marcel Duchamp" in the Great Stair Hall.
"Bride" features over 100 works, including more than 60 by Johns and Rauschenberg and more than 40 by Duchamp, as well as sculpture, musical scores, and stage sets. The exhibition, which runs through Jan. 21, will also showcase prerecorded and live music by Cage and live performances by former members of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.