As a new plan for The Gallery percolates, we asked folks around NewsWorks and WHYY what they last purchased from the Gallery. We got responses that mirror some of the debate around proposed changes to The Gallery.

When is the last time you went to The Gallery on East Market Street, and what did you buy? Tell us in the comments below.

Here's what we've been buying at the urban shopping mall:

  • In July, I bought a set of Tupperware from K-Mart, as a birthday gift. Because if you're buying Tupperware as a birthday gift, where else would you go? Seriously.
  • A battery-powered cell phone charger from the Super Electronics kiosk across from Modell's. It was the day before the hurricane, and it was the only place in Center City that seemed to have one.
  • I live about four blocks from there, and the only thing I've bought there in over two years is a pair of Old Navy flip flops. Because mine broke.
  • A pair of shorts for yoga, from Ross Dress for Less (not technically The Gallery) because I forgot my shorts at home.
  • Last December. Game of Thrones DVDs. Christmas gift for my bride. Oh, and because I took the regional rail in that day, so it was a matter of pure convenience.
  • Last week I bought two pairs of pop color pants from Old Navy. I went there because the pants were on sale and The Gallery is so close to work that I didn't have to make a whole extra stop. I also eat lunch at the food court a couple times a month.
  • When my puggles ended up pregnant, the K-Mart was a one-stop at-home puppy mill shop, taking the subway from an Old City apartment. I got a baby gate, towels and dental floss. Never used the floss. 
  • Three weeks ago I bought reading lights at a bookstore as gifts for the kids, mainly because I pass through the gallery on the way to Market East station. 
  • Got me a new winter coat and some shoes at The Gallery just last week. I love The Gallery and hate that people want to high-end-ify it. This city is segregated enough as is.