Get your flu shot yet?

This season is a doozie. It's almost enough to inspire a quarantine mentality. Are you or your neighbors staying away from public places? Socializing less? Keeping your kids from playgroups — or school — either because they're sick or because other kids are?

Tell us about your reactions to
flu season in the comment below.

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are saying that this year's flu shot formulation is a good match for the virus going around, and that right now is a great time to get the vaccination, because we're just about to hit our peak of infections.

In Pennsylvania, more than 11,000 lab-positive cases have been reported by the health department — with more than 7,000 flu coming in the last two weeks of December).

The Delaware Division of Public Health has confirmed a total of 441 cases — including a jump of 132 cases in the last week of December.

If you haven't gotten jabbed yet, are you thinking about going now? Let us know.