Do you ever wonder what it will cost in 10 years' time to fly from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson to John Wanamaker International? Or how long it might take to get from Laguardia to LaBelle 20 years from now?

Of course, the answers to those questions — indeed, their answerability — depends on the future of Philadelphia International Airport. There are no airports called Wanamaker or LaBelle.

Could there ever be?

San Francisco City Supervisor David Campos on Tuesday introduced legislation that would ask voters in November to rename the city's airport after slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk. If it passes, Harvey Milk-San Francisco International Airport would be the world's first airport named after an openly gay person.

If we were to try to rename Philadelphia International Airport (and, to be clear, no one has done so, to my knowledge), who would you propose we name it after?

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