We may have been under the influence of too much chocolate candy or pink champagne, but if the public display of affection on Twitter yesterday is any true indicator, there's a lot of love for Philadelphia. Make no mistake, however: We are not all starry-eyed romantics here.

Emma Fried-Cassorla, editor of the Philly Love Notes blog, made it her mission to get the hashtag #whyilovephilly trending on Twitter. The hashtag is part of an ongoing social media campaign started in 2011 by Young Involved Philadelphia and Indy Hall. Their intention is to create a convenient, online, real-time space to express positivity, passion and pride for the city — both to other Philadelphians and to the world.

Mission accomplished. Twitter was blowing up with 140-character Valentines to Philadelphia all day long.

"Not only did we have it trending in Philadelphia almost all day," said Fried-Cassorla in a follow-up report on the stunt, "but we got it to trend nationally as well."

At some points Thursday, #whyilovephilly tweets poured in every second.

What I found interesting (but by no means surprising) was that, for every three or five positive observations about life in Philadelphia, there was a negative observation.

I think some of the negative tweets may not actually have been sarcastic — there are folks who may actually love Philly for its segregation, its parking wars, and — yes — that one time all those years ago when people threw snowballs at Santa Claus.

All in all, though, the negative tweets were mostly playful and self-deprecating, a fine Philadelphian trait, which only proves the point: We're a proud lot, and we kinda dig it here.

Here's a sampling of what we saw yesterday.