State Police arrest three people accused of running a racketeering ring in Seaford.

Working with police in Marion, Iowa, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Postal Inspection, Delaware State Police connected three Seaford residents to a scheme using a stolen identity and credit card to steal more than $50,000.  

Police in Iowa alerted members of the Delaware State Police Financial Crimes Unit in Georgetown about stolen property that was being shipped to an address on Garden Lane in Seaford.  After getting a search warrant for that address, investigators say they learned that 35-year-old Vinod Singh signed for the FedEx delivery earlier that day.  That delivery included iPods, iPhones, jewelry and $15,000 in cash.

Police say Singh conspired with his niece 22-year-old Terretta Lassiter and her boyfriend, 26-year-old Thaddeus Boldon, to wire the money he got in the delivery to Nigeria.

Singh, Lassiter and Boldon face charges including racketeering, receiving stolen property, and money laundering.