• June 28, 2016

    First Year, First Generation: Overwhelmed by demands, buoyed by encouragement

    This is the sixth story in our First Year, First Generation series. For an introduction, click here.You can listen to Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part ...
  • June 28, 2016

    Wilmington developer might be buying the Hotel du Pont

    There are still more questions than answers, but there is some speculation that the seemingly ubiquitous Buccini/Pollin Group may be buying the Hotel ...
  • June 28, 2016

    Dedication of Veterans Freedom Mural in Wilmington [video]

    The newly-dedicated Veterans Freedom Mural adds color and words of thanks to service members at the corner of9th and Washington Sts. in Wilmington.
  • June 28, 2016

    Delaware teacher arrested on child porn charges

    A teacher at Carrcroft Elementary School in North Wilmington was arrested for dealing in child pornography.
  • June 28, 2016 |  Delaware Business Now

    Selection process underway for Delaware medical marijuana centers

    The state is moving forward with plans to select owners for two privately held medical marijuana “compassion center” operators in Kent and Sussex coun...
  • June 28, 2016

    Police: Delaware trooper shoots, kills man waving gun during stop

    Delaware State Police say a trooper fatally shot a man who waved a gun toward troopers during a traffic stop.
  • June 27, 2016

    Delaware measures take steps toward improving mental health services

    Delaware's legislators passed two bills last week that aim to improve the mental health landscape in the state.
  • June 27, 2016 |  As seen on First

    Delaware's latest craze: Pickleball [video]

    It's a simple game with a funny name and it's sweeping the country. Pickleball!
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