Design students dropped eggs from the top of the Delaware College of Art and Design’s five-story building in downtown Wilmington.

The annual egg drop contest challenges students to design a contraption that can safely carry an egg from the top of DCAD’s academic and administration building on Market St. in downtown Wilmington.

The egg-carrying contraptions are judged on the safety they provide to the fragile cargo, as well as how close they land to the target on the pavement below. “It sometimes happens, but it most times doesn’t,” said DCAD president Stuart Baron. “It’s a lot of fun, the kids love it.”

The event coincides with accepted students day, giving incoming students who have been accepted to DCAD a chance to see current students in action, showing off a little of what they’ve learned in design classes.

DCAD student designer Jonathan Solek took inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings of flying machines. “I think that it went alright,” Solek said. “I just had the idea of a parachute, that was the thing that made the most sense to me. It was a little too windy for it though, so it did some flipping, but the egg is alright, so that’s good.”

This year’s egg drop also serves to help celebrate the school’s 20th anniversary.