A bulkhead along the Manasquan Inlet in Point Pleasant Beach suffered more damage during Tuesday's nor'easter.

The particular section of the aluminum bulkhead is a known trouble spot that has been patched as a temporary fix in the past, borough officials say. 

On Tuesday, a video posted by Michele Lane and shared with Jersey Shore Hurricane News showed waves crashing through the gap and flooding land near the Fisherman's Memorial.

Mayor Stephen Reid told NJ.com that about an 8-foot section of the bulkhead is missing, adding that he was in touch with the state Department of Environmental Protection to "express the urgency for a permanent fix."

A $600,000 repair was already slated for the wall, which was constructed nearly 90 years ago, News 12 reported. 

For now, Reid has closed the immediate area the breach, a popular fishing spot, due to the danger.