Astronomical spring begins on a pleasant note at the Jersey Shore.

Mainly tranquil weather is ahead this week, featuring seesaw temperatures that'll be both below and above normal at times, according to the National Weather Service.

That's typical as the season transitions during early spring.

Temperatures will reach around 50 degrees Monday and Tuesday, lower 40s Wednesday and Thursday (10 to 15 degrees below normal), back to around 50 on Friday, around 60 on Saturday (10 to 15 degrees above normal) before dropping to the lower 50s on Sunday.

The current forecast calls for the only chances of showers Monday night and on Sunday. 

Sun and clouds will also seesaw throughout the week. The dominate feature Monday, Wednesday, Thursday will be sunshine, while more clouds will mix in Friday and Saturday. The forecast calls for mostly cloudy conditions on Tuesday and Sunday.

There's no snow ahead.

Top image: @lifes_an_ocean_breeze as tagged #JSHN on Instagram