UPDATE: New Jersey Department Of Military and Veterans Affairs Public Affairs Officer Kryn P. Westhoven tells us that South Carolina canceled the request prior to deployment.

New Jersey National Guard personnel were requested to South Carolina to assist with recovery efforts following severe tidal flooding and widespread power outages inflicted by Hurricane Irma. 

Gov. Chris Christie late last week authorized the deployment of Army and Air National Guard personnel, including the crew members of two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and an UH-72 helicopter. 

South Carolina suffered its worst tidal flooding since Hurricane Hugo, tornadoes, hurricane force wind gusts, and downed power lines. There have been at least two storm-related deaths. 

The South Carolina deployment is the latest in recent weeks for the New Jersey National Guard. In late August, Christie sent personnel to Texas to assist with Hurricane Harvey. And also late last week, troops deployed to Florida prior to Irma's strike on the Sunshine State. 

New Jersey Task Force One, a specialized urban search and rescue unit, was deployed to Florida soon after its return from Texas.