If you're looking to beat the beach crowds before the summer tourism season traditionally kicks into gear in late June, the upcoming weekend is a prime opportunity.

"A stellar weekend is on the way for the entire region with plenty of sun and low humidity," says New York Metro Weather's John Homenuk. 

Temperatures at the Jersey Shore will be in the middle to upper 70s both days, according to NOAA. And with light winds, you won't get sandblasted.

The surf will be small and relatively calm, according to magicseaweed.com, but NOAA reminds us that rip currents can form at anytime, so always swim near a lifeguard. 

But will it be warm enough to swim?

That depends on your tolerance for cold.

Water temperatures are "pretty close to where they should be in early June, which is in the lower to middle 60s," according to Phillywx.com

See you on the beach!

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