Dr. Dan Gottlieb

  • July 2, 2012 |  Dr. Dan Gottlieb

    Author makes case for introverts

    Shy. Arrogant. Weird. Unfriendly. There's no shortage of ways in which introverts can be misunderstood in our society - but a best-selling book c...
  • June 25, 2012

    Domestic violence gets even trickier for immigrants

    The re-authorization of the "Violence Against Women Act" has stalled in Washington. Offering protection to undocumented immigrants who are v...
  • June 25, 2012 |  DR. DAN GOTTLIEB

    Prescription drug-fueled 'laser focus' helps kids get good grades

    A recent article in the New York Times by Alan Schwarz claims that prescription drug use to increase alertness and attention is common among American ...
  • June 18, 2012 |  DR. DAN GOTTLIEB

    Therapists discuss the role of emotion in helping clients

    How are therapists supposed to handle their clients' emotions? Does helping them mean keeping a distance, and calmly guiding them through what th...
  • June 11, 2012 |  Dr. Dan Gottlieb

    Patients and patience: How doctors and their patients experience time differently

    Time is a major issue when it comes to medical care. Waiting for appointments. Waiting for test results. Waiting on the phone, to speak to somebody in...
  • June 1, 2012 |  Dr. Dan Gottlieb

    Can we change the experience of chronic pain without pain killers?

    Scientists are studying the role of brain mechanisms in the experience of pain - and are finding new ways that could change how people experience chro...
  • May 28, 2012 |  Dr. Dan Gottlieb

    Living Memorial Day

    On Memorial Day last year, psychologist Dr. Dan Gottlieb spoke with Melinda Kane about coping with the reality of a son going off to war. Kane's ...
  • May 21, 2012 |  Dr. Dan Gottlieb

    Tracing our roots, searching for connection

    Tracing family roots has become a wildly popular hobby, with sites such as Ancestry.com connecting people to relatives from generations back.
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