A Pennsylvania House Republican is trying to spread an idea that began in his district for a different kind of senior center.



State regulations already allow for senior day centers for those who are looking simply for activities, as well as those who need close supervision, said state Rep. Chris Ross of Chester County.

But no rules exist for centers that offer a middle ground.

Ross says he's proposing regulations to help seniors who can walk and care for themselves, but may need light supervision during the day at an activity center.

"They were a little put off when they went to a fully licensed adult day-center because, quite frankly, the people that you see there are further along, maybe have fairly significant dementia or maybe have some other kind of deterioration that are a bit upsetting to a senior that is generally pretty much with it, pretty much OK," Ross said.

The plan is based on a pilot program in Chester County.

It does not require county-based agencies on aging to provide these types of programs.

Ross says his proposal is intended to allow more senior centers to take up the idea, and to ensure such programs are not serving seniors who actually need greater care.