By a unanimous vote, Philadelphia City Council has approved a bill prohibiting electronic cigarettes in the same public places where you can't light up a traditional one. 

Councilman William Greenlee introduced the bill to prohibit e-cigarettes in public places. He says there are too many uncertainties about the mini-vaporizers and their contents.

"Oftentimes there are different things in different electronic cigarettes," Greenlee said. "Most respected health experts have said that we need to do a bill like this like other major cities have done to be cautionary to protect people because we don't know what's in a lot of these products."

Gregory Conley put his e-cigarette to his mouth while testifying before council.

"Now did I just use my electronic cigarette or did I simply hold a metal object up to my lip to simulate using one which would not be not be illegal under this act," Connoly asked. "You have no hope of enforcing this bill."

A second bill that was approved bans the sale of the e-cigarettes to minors.