Behavioral Health

  • November 7, 2016

    Philly's methadone clinics keep dispensing help during strike

    The SEPTA strike has inconvenienced hundreds of thousands in Philadelphia. But it's more serious than that for patients who need methadone every...
  • October 21, 2016

    Conference focuses on easing difficulty in providing mental health behind bars

    Philadelphia has the highest per capita incarceration rate of the country's 10 largest cities.
  • October 19, 2016

    Opioid use may cloud natural tendency to dote on the adorable

    In a pilot study, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that opioids may affect how people respond to small, cute creatures like puppies...
  • October 12, 2016

    Genetic test pinpoints best treatment for mental illness — but many reluctant to try it

    People are generally enthusiastic about undergoing genetic testing to find out which medications could help treat their heart disease or diabetes. Bu...
  • October 11, 2016 |  Philly Parenting

    Essay: My 9 year old has insomnia here's what I learned

    Our 9-year-old son has recently been battling insomnia, lying awake each night until 10 or 11 p.m. The rare nights he falls asleep easily, our son oft...
  • October 4, 2016

    Promoting efforts to prevent domestic abuse, men's group sets Philadelphia rally

    Members of a men's group and other activists will gather Wednesday in Philadelphia's Board Game Art Park for performances, food and speeches...
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