Dr. Dan Gottlieb

  • December 12, 2011 |  Dr. Dan Gottlieb

    Medication use rises, even as researchers find effective alternatives in treating depression

    Many non-medication approaches to treating depression are very effective - but are patients requesting these methods, and are doctors recommending the...
  • December 5, 2011 |  DR. DAN GOTTLIEB

    Approach working with juvenile offenders shows long-term results

    A comprehensive approach in working with juvenile offenders has shown long - term results.
  • November 21, 2011 |  DR. DAN GOTTLIEB

    Serving up a harmonious Thanksgiving

    This Thursday marks Thanksgiving--who is going to be at your family dinner? Big family gatherings can bring joy and happiness, as well as stress and q...
  • November 14, 2011 |  DR. DAN GOTTLIEB

    Why the angst about high school reunions?

    November is a busy time for high school reunions. Getting together with your pals from school decades after graduation should be a fun affair, but see...
  • November 7, 2011 |  DR. DAN GOTTLIEB

    Suicide rates on the rise in US, but shame continues to surround the issue

    Suicide rates have been rising for the last decade, and suicide is among the top ten causes of death in this country.
  • October 31, 2011 |  Dr. Dan Gottlieb

    Understanding the appeal of fear

    It's Halloween, and people have been getting into the spirit of all things scary for for some time now.
  • October 24, 2011 |  DR. DAN GOTTLIEB

    Mental health care important aspect of cancer treatment

    When faced with a cancer diagnosis most people are mainly concerned with their physical health, and how they can best treat and beat cancer.
  • October 17, 2011 |  DR. DAN GOTTLIEB

    Study examines envy and its impact on the workplace

    Friendly work place competition can fuel productiveness and lead to innovation - but when employees feel disconnected from their co-workers and are en...