• September 23, 2016 |  PlanPhilly

    Urban agriculture leaders ask for citywide commitments to garden preservation and creation

    More than one hundred urban farmers and food justice advocates, some of them with cardboard signs in the shape of carrots, tomatoes, and eggplants, at...
  • September 22, 2016

    What’s up with that Schuylkill River slime?

    If you've passed the Schuylkill River recently, you've probably noticed the unusual lime-green splotches covering the water along the banks.
  • September 22, 2016 |  StateImpact

    Trump addresses Shale Insight conference in Pittsburgh

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gave the keynote address Thursday at the annual Shale Insight conference in downtown Pittsburgh, hosted b...
  • September 21, 2016

    Wolf nominates longtime DEP official to be next secretary

    The man who's been running Pennsylvania's environmental protection agency for the last four months is Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf's nomine...
  • September 15, 2016

    N.J. lawmakers tackle recycling cigarette butts, snack bags

    New Jersey lawmakers are considering encouraging the recycling of snack bags and cigarette butts, but the first voting session since the summer break ...
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