• November 7, 2014 |  The Pulse

    What puts forests more at risk — climate change or attempts to counter it?

    Along the Eastern Seaboard, forests are expanding, but also showing signs of stress. Some blame the stress on climate change. Others insist that'...
  • November 6, 2014

    Philadelphia energy hub debate centers on city’s gas works

    Business leaders are calling on the Philadelphia City Council to reconsider spiking a deal to sell its city-owned utility, PGW.Meanwhile, some environ...
  • November 6, 2014 |  StateImpact

    Sunoco Logistics announces second, bigger natural gas liquids pipeline

    Philadelphia-based Sunoco Logistics has announced a new $2.5 billion pipeline project to move natural gas liquids across the state.
  • November 6, 2014 |  NBC10

    Oily sheen seen floating down Schuylkill River

    The Coast Guard confirmed late Wednesday afternoon that they would be sending a crew to investigate the event.
  • November 4, 2014

    'RIVERS' celebrates course of Schuylkill, Delaware in shaping Philly

    This weekend, a musical composition about the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers will premiere in Philadelphia, evoking both the movement of their current...
  • November 3, 2014

    NJ voters to have say on bail system changes, open-space funding

    New Jersey voters will be deciding whether to approve a measure on Tuesday's ballot to eliminate the constitutional right to bail for certain vio...
  • October 31, 2014

    PennEast pipeline opposition grows in New Jersey

    A new billion-dollar pipeline project would bring natural gas from Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale to customers on the East Coast. But opposition ...
  • October 31, 2014

    Ballot questions, congressional races not expected to draw many NJ voters

    Political analysts expect a low voter turnout in New Jersey for Tuesday's elections.
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