• February 23, 2016 |  StateImpact

    Federal trial begins in the case of Dimock’s water contamination

    Jury selection begins today in U.S. District Court in Scranton for a fracking contamination case that put the village of Dimock in the crosshairs of t...
  • February 16, 2016

    Severe storms leave thousands without power in New Jersey

    A series of severe thunderstorms have knocked out power to nearly 38,000 of homes and businesses in New Jersey. The storms that rolled through the st...
  • February 12, 2016

    N.J. lawmaker wants to clear the way for cutting back trees too close to powerlines

    A bill awaiting action by New Jersey lawmakers would prevent local groups from standing in the way of a utility crew pruning or removing trees that co...
  • February 11, 2016

    Christie seeks federal relief for January snowstorm

    Gov. Chris Christie is asking the federal government for disaster assistance to help New Jersey pay for last month's winter storm.
  • February 10, 2016 |  PlanPhilly

    Obama budget proposal includes funds to finish Delaware River dredging project

    A project to deepen the Delaware River's navigable channel is now full steam ahead, according to Senator Bob Casey. Sen. Casey's office ann...
  • February 9, 2016

    Back-to-back storms test Jersey Shore flood protections

    Not three weeks after Winter Storm Jonas severely flooded parts of the South Jersey Shore, another storm is sending water over, around, and through th...
  • February 9, 2016

    Environmental groups challenge New Jersey's $225m deal with Exxon as insufficient

    Environmental groups in New Jersey are asking an appellate court to overturn the state's $225 million settlement with Exxon Mobil over pollution ...
  • February 9, 2016

    Clarke's green jobs plan long on goals, short on details

    Back on Jan. 4, Inauguration Day, Philadelphia City Council President Darrell Clarke vowed to announce a "comprehensive energy strategy" he ...
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