• February 23, 2015

    Most New Jersey residents say their state is a good or excellent place to live

    Satisfaction with the quality of life in New Jersey is on the rise, according to the latest Monmouth University poll.
  • February 23, 2015

    Environmental hearings to appear on docket at Philadelphia City Council

    Philadelphia City Council plans to hold hearings on plans to protect the city from environmental threats from derailment of an oil train.
  • February 20, 2015

    Brr ... just how cold is it out there?

    Weather reports this week have been riddled with warnings of just how quickly you can get frostbite as temperatures drop. According to the National W...
  • February 20, 2015

    Monitoring Boston's response to massive snowfalls, SEPTA works on strategy for Philly

    Though Philadelphia has been spared the tons of snow falling regularly on Boston, the arctic temperatures have played havoc with dozens of the vehicle...
  • February 18, 2015 |  NBC10

    High winds drop Delaware River to lowest point in over 20 years

    High winds over the weekend helped drop the water level of the Delaware River to the lowest point in almost 22 years, the National Weather Service sai...
  • February 16, 2015

    Princeton considers mandating fee on plastic shopping bags

    Princeton is considering an ordinance requiring shoppers to pay 10 to 25 cents to use a plastic bag.
  • February 15, 2015

    Apartment smoking-disclosure policy taking shape in Philly

    A measure proposed in Philadelphia City Council seeks to clear the air over apartment building smoking policies.
  • February 13, 2015 |  StateImpact

    Sunoco touts natural gas liquids pipeline in Lebanon

    Philadelphia-based Sunoco Logistics hosted a public forum in Lebanon Thursday night to discuss a proposed $2.5 billion pipeline that would carry natur...
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