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  • April 28, 2016

    Philly City Council cultivating interest in vertical farming

    There's a growing interest in urban or vertical farming, and Philadelphia's City Council is planning a hearing to learn more. The mini-farms...
  • April 28, 2016

    Philly Tech Week exhibit disrupts technology in the name of art

    The sixth annual Philly Tech Week kicks off Friday. For the physical world, at least. While the gathering will play host to dozens of events peppered ...
  • April 28, 2016

    Philly councilmembers remember Willie Williams

    A Philadelphia Police Department trailblazer has died. Former Police Commissioner Willie Williams was the city's first African-American police c...
  • April 28, 2016 |  PlanPhilly

    Takeaways from the 2016 State of Center City report

    Center City District released their annual State of Center City report Thursday, and while there are no major surprises about the trajectory of Philad...
  • April 27, 2016

    Can we trust the Philadelphia District’s yardstick for school quality?

    There are many reasons to be wary about relying too heavily on the School District of Philadelphia’s main tool for measuring school quality – especi...
  • April 28, 2016 |  Public School Notebook

    Fair-funding advocates praise state education formula, stress need for more money

    A group of advocates Wednesday called on the General Assembly to increase state education funding next year by $400 million.
  • April 28, 2016

    Amazon plans to hire 2,000 workers for two new N.J. facilities

    The world's largest online retailer has plans to hire more than 2,000 full-time employees to work at two new "fulfillment centers" in N...
  • April 27, 2016

    The presidential throw-down over Philly's proposed soda tax: Does it matter?

    With the Pennsylvania primary over, the presidential candidates have gone, but while they were here, three of them weighed in on a very local issue.
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