A new art installation in Philadelphia's City Hall Courtyard could become the ultimate selfie site. 

Two granite pedestals echoing the base of the John Wanamaker statue across from City Hall are now installed in the courtyard — but instead of the word CITIZEN, as the Wanamaker statue says, the temporary platform simply says ME.  Artist Mel Chin said he came up with the idea to make it possible for anyone to become part of a monument.

"To get up to the pedestal, to celebrate yourself, you have to separate yourself from people, it's enough for one person," he said. "In a way, it makes a commentary on division."

Chin constructed the installation to be open to all.

"These ramps are 90 feet long to make it 100 percent accessible, and that's very important in my mind to respect the public who will complete the piece," he said. "It's only complete with your participation."

The work is expected to be ready for an unveiling Saturday.