Gov. Chris Christie has announced another set of nominees to fill two vacancies on New Jersey's Supreme Court.

Christie has chosen Board of Public Utilities President Bob Hanna and Monmouth County Superior Court Judge David Bauman, who would be the first Asian-American on the state's highest court.

Bauman is a Republican and Hanna has no party affiliation.

Christie says his selections represent a compromise with Senate Democrats on the issue of the political balance of the Supreme Court.

"I am willing to be the one who reaches my hand out in compromise first," the governor said Monday. "I hope that the Democrats in the Senate will stop playing political games and give these folks the hearings that they deserve and a fair up or down vote."

The Senate Judiciary Committee, controlled by Democrats, rejected nominees Bruce Harris and Phil Kwon earlier this year.

"I have done the best I can now to compromise and to come together and bring people together on this issue," Christie said. "I hope that they're willing to meet me as well given that I've now met all of their publicly stated requirements for confirming justices to the Supreme Court."

Senate President Steve Sweeney is not commenting on the prospects of confirmation of the new nominees.

The Legislature's session ends in mid-January.