The dog days of summer always seem to bring lots of destructive, fast-moving thunderstorms.

The thunderstorm last Tuesday night was no different. It knocked out power to more than 75,000 PECO customers in the five-county region. Of those outages, more than 33,000 occurred in Chester County.

Not everybody minds.

"We probably got probably three times the calls we would get on a normal day," said George Goglia, owner of Southern Chester County Electric. "It's good for business,"

But why does it seem like the outages are concentrated in Chester County?

Goglia said it could be due to the more rural, undeveloped areas in southern Chester County, many bordering on Delaware and Maryland. The abundance of trees increases the chances that one might fall down and knock out power lines.

To protect against power surges overloading the electronics inside your home, you can unplug your gadgets ahead of the storm or install a whole-house surge protector.