No matter who won the vice presidential debate Thursday night in Danville, Ky., Vice President Joe Biden was the king of euphemism. The word "malarkey" had scarcely escaped his lips before it began trending on Twitter. Then he pulled "stuff" out of his hat like an uncle telling a joke at a birthday party with the kids in the next room.

Both vice presidential candidates seemed to work very hard at appearing polite and collegial — even if Biden's grinning and condescending laughter did get out of hand after a while. These guys need to be polite. It's all about keeping that smile, not breaking a sweat, calling a rival "my friend" when you really might want to sock him in the jaw.

In honor of Biden's one successful attempt at restraint ... we compiled a list of our 15 favorites euphemisms for "bullsh--."

Don't see your favorite here?
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  1. rubbish
  2. claptrap
  3. hogwash
  4. blarney
  5. tripe
  6. drivel
  7. bunk
  8. eyewash
  9. phooey
  10. hokum
  11. twaddle
  12. tommyrot
  13. balderdash
  14. poppycock
  15. codswallop

Illustration by Tony Auth