• July 15, 2014 |  PlanPhilly

    Is Uber really driving down DUIs? Let's drill down to see what we can find

    Given that Philadelphia has only enjoyed ride share for a little bit, I thought to look at the experience in a city where ride-sharing apps have been ...
  • July 11, 2014

    Amazon asks FAA for permission to fly drones

    Amazon is officially asking the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to use drones as part of its plan to deliver packages to customers in 3...
  • July 11, 2014

    Study of young Philadelphians' experience on health insurance site may guide improvements

    This past year, insurers and the government went full force with outreach and marketing aimed at young adults during the inaugural enrollment period o...
  • July 10, 2014

    Philadelphia researchers to create brain prosthesis to restore memory loss

    Philadelphia scientists will soon be working to create a device that can restore memory to people who suffered a traumatic brain injury.
  • July 10, 2014

    Ministry offers 'radical hospitality' with Rooster Soup for Philly's soul

    A Philadelphia doughnut shop and a Center City congregation have teamed up to launch a crowd-funded business that would help feed the city’s hungry.
  • July 9, 2014

    N.J. lawmakers consider off-label drug prescriptions for state employees

    Public sector workers in New Jersey are at a disadvantage regarding access to medications.
  • July 9, 2014 |  Technically Philly

    30 photos of Philly from above, taken with a drone camera

    Since buying a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter a few months ago, Matt Satell has been exploring Philly and its suburbs from the skies. He’s taken 30 p...
  • July 9, 2014

    FDA designates Novartis-Penn leukemia treatment as 'breakthrough therapy'

    University of Pennsylvania researchers working with Novartis on a new way to treat leukemia have heard good news from the Food and Drug Administration...
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