If you find yourself at Philadelphia's 30th Street Station at 4:52 p.m. all next week, you might hear some sounds other than the usual trains, boarding announcements and that clattering schedule sign.

It's the Outbound Poetry Festival, presented by Philadelphia Contemporary and curated by Philadelphia's Poet Laureate, Yolanda Wisher.  She said she selected poets who represent the city in all its dimensions. "They're definitely citizens of Philly," she explained.  "They're really engaged every day with different communities.  They're social workers, they're teachers, they're mothers, they're fathers. They're people who use the word to touch other people."

Now, about that start time — Wisher said it pays homage to the location, by sounding like a train schedule, while adding a bit more whimsy to this ephemeral pop-up event.

The Outbound Poetry Festival continues all next week at 4:52 pm. weekdays at 30th Street Station.