Live performances may be coming to a new stage in the courtyard at Philadephia City Hall, thanks to a grant from an airline serving the city.

Southwest Airlines is providing the $100,000 grant and another $100,000 in consulting services as part of a program designed to help cities that the carrier serves. Alan Urek, deputy commissioner for planning at the city's Department of Public Property, says they want to improve on the temporary stage that's been in the City Hall courtyard over the summer.

"Currently there's a stage that we use for performances, but it's fairly immobile and not flexible, so this is to solicit ideas from designers, fabricators, artists to create a platform that's multi-purpose," Urek said.

Urek says it has to be more than a stage. "It can be reconfigured into different shapes depending on the types of performances," he said. "It can also be used when there isn't a performance for people to sit on to gather."

The city has put out a request for proposals, which is due in mid-January.