The dream of developing the Delaware River waterfront was, until last week, headed by Tom Corcoran, its outgoing first president.  

Since its creation in 2009, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation has augmented a six-mile stretch along the Delaware River with pop-up parks and sections of bike trail, in addition to sprucing up an ice rink and several streets near Penns Landing. 

That latter area remains the number one item on DRWC's to-do list: re-connecting Penns Landing with the rest of the city by somehow mitigating the barrier created by Interstate 95. A big step in realizing that goal was announced earlier this month, a four acre "cap" over the highway near Walnut Street.


Tom Corcoran spoke with WHYY's Dave Heller about the DRWC's accomplishments and future goals. Listen to the conversation below.