Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said he's optimistic that lawmakers will approve a spending plan for the already approved  state budget, which went into effect on July 1. Wolf said Wednesday it's not a done deal, but it will be done. 

“Let me just make it clear,” he said. “I’m negotiating. We are negotiating the same way we’ve negotiated all these things that have gotten some very good, responsible legislation done in the past, and I’m very optimistic that we’re going to get to a very good, balanced budget revenue option here in Pennsylvania.”

But when reporters asked if he’d say which budget items were close to completion, the answer was firm.

“No,” Wolf said. 

Because the current budget has already been approved — without specifics of how it would be funded — the state is authorized to keep doling out money as usual.

Wolf noted that revenue is still coming in, regardless of the fact that an updated revenue plan isn’t finished. He said he doesn’t foresee imminent cash problems.

The state Constitution requires the commonwealth to pass a budget that’s balanced.

Wolf said while he recognizes that’s not the case yet, he’s fairly sure the current situation is constitutional.

“I’m not the attorney, but we are taking a close look at what we can do constitutionally, and I’m very comfortable that we’re doing the right things,” he said.

Pennsylvania House GOP leader Dave Reed has accused Wolf of not being involved enough in the process; he said Tuesday that he’s “not optimistic” they’ll come to an agreement soon.