The cleanup in Ocean City, N.J., is underway after superstorm Sandy, and people are continuing to figure out ways to get rid of the damage.

Just outside Atlantic City in Somers Point, Shore Hardware is suffering from a lack of supplies. Alison Dannehower, one of the store's owners, says their distribution center in Allentown, Pa., was also taken out by the bad weather, so they are waiting on a truck from Atlanta to bring them much-needed supplies. She says they have turned to offering snow shovels to replace the conventional shovels that people have been asking for, and they need everything from batteries to generators.

Just down the road, there are generators available. A local Honda motorcycle dealer is selling them at $1,800 apiece, and up.

Once you cross the bridge into Ocean City, you can see almost every door is opened to air out the homes and businesses that are suffering from the stench of mold. Business owners along Asbury Avenue are wheeling their merchandise out into the street in order to air it out.

A business owner from South Carolina came up with a 30-foot-long truck full of supplies to help them dry out — mops, mold remediation equipment, spray bottles, air dryers, and blowers that will be used once drywall and flooring is removed to take care of what is underneath. Each water-damaged property needs to have between one and four feet of drywall removed in order to stop the mold from spreading.

As you drive toward the boardwalk, large earth movers and front-end loaders are shoveling up the sand that the storm surge deposited on city streets.

Even trying to get a cup of coffee in Ocean City isn't very easy with so many stores cleaning up. Those on the island have been traveling across the bridge to Somers Point, where a major coffee chain is doing great business.

Things are getting much better than they were a few days ago, but it will still take a lot of time for the cleanup to be finished. Some people are hoping that things will be back to "somewhat normal" by the time the tourists come back in the spring.