Move over, Will Smith. West Philadelphia has a new rising star. For four years, 10-year-old Evan Sweitzer has been donating his allowance to his favorite local cat shelter. 

Feel-good daytime TV host Ellen Degeneres had him on her show and presented him with a $20,000 check from catfood maker Fancy Feast to donate to City Kitties.

Get a load of this kid! He sings, he plays piano, and he's a Phillies fan. If that's not enough to get him on your good side, consider this: Sweitzer gets (and gives) $5 a week from his parents, but he says he really wants to raise his allowance to $8 so he can donate more.

He also sells figs from his family's back-yard tree to raise additional funds. Degeneres promised to buy a batch from him in August when they ripen.