As Gilberton Borough Council weighed the fate of Mark Kessler this week, the packed meeting room included supporters of the police chief who showed up toting pistols and assault rifles.

The council still voted 5-1 to suspend Kessler for 30 days without pay because of his YouTube videos, in which he fires assault weapons in the woods while criticizing liberal politicians and the United Nations, among other targets.

His most recent video, where he offers a mock apology to those who upset by his use of profanity, went viral, garnering close to 300,000 views.

Kessler's attorney, Joseph Nahas, said Kessler made the videos as a private citizen in his free time. 

"At no time was Mr.Kessler at a board meeting, in uniform, cursing, like we have all of you here today," he told the throng of reporters and council members. "At no time was he using profane language or shooting a gun. At no time was he at the school district. At no time was he in public at all."

The Borough Council also passed a new policy stating that borough employees have to get permission from the council before stating their affiliation with the borough online or in a video.

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