New Jersey State Police say a man's body was found in Sea Isle City Thursday afternoon.

Police say the man, described as white and possibly between 45 to 60 years old, was found on 323 E. 43rd Street along a back bay lagoon around noon. They believe he'd been in the water for no more than 48 hours.

NBC10's Ted Greenberg reports that vacationers discovered the man fully clothed, face down between two docked boats. Joe Wilson came to Sea Isle City for the day from Deptford to visit friends and made the grisly discovery.

"Looked over the edge and I said, that looks like a body. And they said we saw that earlier and we thought it was a trash bag. I said, 'Well it can't be a trash bag with a head', "said Wilson.

Charles Copeland, a retired Mantua Township Police officer, also made the discovery.

"Seen many...definitely...just hope it has closure for somebody who might be missing," said Copeland.

Police say there are no signs of trauma.

So far there is no word on the man's identity and they have no idea at this time what happened to him or how he ended up in the water.

Investigators say no one has been reported missing recently in Cape May County.

An autopsy is expected Friday.


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