So, is that really Sports Illustrated doing swimsuit shoots around Cape May's beaches this week? 

Numerous sightings of models in bathing suits and photo crews have popped up on social media, including a blonde who touseled her locks at sunset along Cove Beach, captured by Joe Evangelista and shared on the Cape May Good Times Facebook page Wednesday evening.

The LoveCapeMay Tumblr page and blog also caught sunset action on Cove Beach, also calling it the Swimsuit Edition, but without official confirmation. Cape May insiders weren't confirming or denying. 

On Twitter, John Cooke posted a shot of what looks like the same blonde frolicking near a Cape May Beach Patrol lifesaving boat and another in a string bikini hanging out near the bell on Washington Street Mall. On Instagram, user bobbyd215 caught the same wild bikini, working the diva fan.


There was no word about a trip to Cape May on's Swim Daily site, and they were similarly mum on Twitter. 

We do know the women weren't Miss America contestants, since those ladies are busy in Atlantic City having promotional dinners at places like Chickie's and Pete's and Buddakan. And their swimsuit competition won't come until preliminaries start, next week.