As president Barack Obama works to convince skeptical lawmakers at home and our weary allies aborad to back greater U.S. intervention in Syria, let's learn whether his desire to launch a limited military strike enjoys broad public support.

According to Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup Poll, the public is not convinced. Depending on the question asked, a plurality or majority of Americans remain opposed. And from the perspective of the Syrians themselves, who rate their quality of life at record lows through the conflict, more than half are finding it difficult to survive on their current income.

Secretary of State John Kerry is front and center in this debate. We look at how his image in recent months has gone down since he was a presidential candidate in 2004. And how does it compare to his predecessor in the State Department, Hillary Clinton?

Finally, it's back-to-school season. How satisfied are parents with the education their kids are getting? And in the shadow of last year's Newtown shootings, we'll look at how fearful are parents for the safety of their children at this year.