A south Jersey Congressman is undecided on how he will vote on authorizing military action against Syria.

As he enters the House debate on whether to approve the president's plan for a punitive strike, U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews says he has a few questions.

"How certain are we that President Assad and his regime are responsible for the chemical attack?" he said.

Andrews, a Democrat, said once he has a chance to review all the evidence, he will make a decision based on several factors.

"If there is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt that he is responsible for this then there should not be a strike," Andrews said. "If there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, then we have to take into account whether there should be a strike, what scope it should be under, what duration and whether there should not be one."

In talking to people in his South Jersey district, Andrews is finding no support for involving the United States in a civil war. Many of his constituents do want some kind of response to the use of chemical weapons, he said.