Just six days into 2014, two people have been killed and four more injured by gunfire in Wilmington.

The new year's level of violence is already picking up where 2013 left off, and it's with that backdrop that Mayor Dennis Williams will host the first in a series of community meetings starting Tuesday.  

Dubbed "Community Cluster Meeting", Williams plans to address new strategies for public safety and neighborhood development.  The planned meetings are open to members all civic associations and community organizations and will be held quarterly.

"Providing information, resources and support to dedicated individuals committed to transforming our neighborhoods will  help motivate and inspire others to join in making Wilmington a city of clean, peaceful neighborhoods," said Williams.  "Neighborhood development focuses on empowering residents to initiate positive activities in their neighborhoods that improve the quality of life for all."

Members of the Wilmington Office of Neighborhood Development and the Wilmington Police Department will be in attendance.  The meetings will be held at the Emergency Operations Center at 22 S. Heald St. in Wilmington.

The first meeting for Cluster 1 will be held Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.  The Cluster 2 meeting will be held Thursday at 9:30 p.m.  Cluster 3 will meet Thursday, January 23 at 6:30 p.m., and the Cluster 4 meeting will be held Monday, January 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Here is how city neighborhoods will be broken into four sections for the meetings:

  • Cluster 1: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Districts/ Neighborhood Planning Councils

    • Brandywine Hills Community Association
    • Harlan Park Civic Association
    • Northwest Wilmington Civic Association
    • 9th Ward Civic Association
    • North Brandywine Civic Association
    • Triangle Neighborhood Association
    • Washington Heights Community Association (SE 9th Ward)
    • Brandywine Village Civic Association
    • Northeast Civic Association
    • Vanderver Avenue Civic Association
    • 11th Street Bridge Civic Association
    • Herring Manor Community
    • Superfine Lane Tenant Council
    • Village of Eastlake Civic Association
    • West 28th Street & 29th Street Civic Association
    • Eastlawn Civic Association
    • East 28th Street Civic Association
    • West 27th 31st Civic Association
    • Greater Brandywine Village Revitalization, Inc.
  • Cluster 2: 4th and 5th Districts/ Neighborhood Planning Councils
    • Midtown Brandywine Neighbors Association
    • Trinity Vicinity Neighborhood Association
    • Quaker Hill Neighborhood Association
    • Upper Eastside Neighborhood Association
    • Compton Towne Concerned Neighbors Assoc.
    • River Commons Civic Association
    • West Center City Neighborhood Association
    • Eastside Blue Print (CORE) Planning Team
    • Southbridge Civic Association
    • Christina Landing Homeowners Association
    • McCaulley Court Homeowners Association
    • Downtown Civic Association
    • Neighbors Rebuilding Our Neighborhood, Inc.
  • Cluster 3: 6th District/ Neighborhood Planning Councils
    • Bayard Square Neighborhood Association
    • Hedgeville Community Association
    • Little Italy Neighborhood Association
    • Westside Community Action Committee
    • Cool Springs/Tilton Park Neighborhood
    • Browntown Community Association
    • Hilltop United Neighbors
    • West Side Neighborhood Coalition
  • Cluster 4: 7th and 8th Districts/ Neighborhood Planning Councils
    • Southwest Civic Association
    • Union Park Gardens Neighborhood Association
    • Westmoreland Civic Association
    • Forty Acres Civic Association
    • Canby Park Civic Association
    • Delaware Avenue Community Association
    • Wawaset Maintenance Corporation
    • Bancroft Village Homeowners Association
    • Highlands Community Association