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Pizza Brain opened in 2012 to much fanfare as the world's first pizza museum and pizzeria, and a culinary destination in Philadelphia's Fishtown and East Kensington.

The walls are papered with pizza memorabilia. There's some seriously nostalgic eye candy to take in while you're waiting for a pie. The gas-powered, stainless-steel, deck oven, which runs at about 625 degrees, cooks Pizza Brain's American, thin-crust pizzas in just six minutes. It's 12 to 15 minutes, if you include prep time.

Those who've not ventured down Frankford Avenue that far are missing out. And those who have know just how great these pies are. Just be prepared: It's a bit of a culture shock for a girl from South Philadelphia. You'll need develop a tolerance for the save-the-world, hipster customer base who immigrated to Philly from Polite City, USA.

Don't let them make you feel bad about yourself. Just eat your pizza and smile.

A tasty tidbit I picked up along the way: Pizza Brain has just scored a new oven, slated for their soon-to-come second location. The location has not yet been released, but inside sources say it will be in the city.

South Philly, cross your fingers!

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