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As old-school pizza parlors go, Montesini's in Mayfair sets the bar.

Montesini's has been doing classic Philly pizza since 1986. Hidden away in a strip mall that's in desperate need of a fresh pave job, Montesini's has all the makings of a life-long neighborhood go-to with counter-service slices, molded booths, soda served in Styrofoam cups, and a dining room tucked away in the back — for special occasions.

The classic, stainless-steel, gas-powered deck oven runs at an optimal 500 degrees, and it can cook a pizza in about nine minutes.

Owner Nunzio Esimeo credits the original stones in the Baker's Pride oven for the tasty pies he's putting out.

"They don't make stones like these anymore," he said. 

The pies truly do speak for themselves. The cheese-to-sauce ratio has to be just right to produce that really good, orange pizza grease. And their Sicilian slice can hold its own against any of South Philly's toughest contenders.

Delivery has never been an option, which has only made the draw stronger for pizza-loving locals, as making a trip for an eat-in pie has been the only way to go.

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