Community activists in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia held protests outside offices of Gov. Tom Corbett, saying they want a review of the gifts he's received.

Self-proclaimed good government advocates handed out copies of the report, "Corbett's Gifts and Favors." It's time for an investigation of those sending gifts or contributions to the governor, said activist Lance Haver.

"If we're going to investigate Traffic Court judges for taking bracelets, we ought to be investigating a governor who takes much more money and gifts from multimillionaires," said Haver. "It's a shame that we have banks that are too big to fail -- we should not allow a justice system that says some people are too rich to be investigated."

According to the report, $18,000 worth of gifts came from companies that do business with or are regulated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Everything from law firms to concrete companies are included, but the report stops short of alleging unqualified contributors were awarded government contracts.

There is no "pay to play" here, said Jay Pagni, the governor's spokesman.

"The governor has done more for government reform than any predecessor. He's eliminated wasteful per-diems, supports the cash gift ban and implemented a number of government reforms in respect to transparency and accountability," Pagni said.

Corbett is careful to make sure he discloses gifts and campaign contributions, Pagni said.