Pennsylvania's Republican Party is calling for more than an apology from Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein following her campaign's failed bids for vote recounts in Pennsylvania.

The Green Party push for recounts or audits of the presidential vote was "baseless and meritless," said Joe DeFelice, head of the Philadelphia Republican Party.

"Jill Stein and the Green Party never thought. They never tried to provide any proof or evidence of vote tampering," he said Tuesday. "Instead, liberal special interest groups have spent millions of dollars using our court system to launch partisan attacks against Donald Trump."

Lawrence Tabas, who represented the state GOP in court, said the Green Party should pay the state for the cost of the recount challenge.

"Jill Stein owes an apology to every voter in Pennsylvania.  She sought to disenfranchise 6 million people who went to the polls to vote for the president and the electors pledged to them," he said. "She wanted to take those votes away for her own selfish reasons knowing there was no chance for her to win."

The Green Party issued a statement saying it raised more than $7 million to cover recount expenses in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.