Three months before the election, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign does not have a New Jersey headquarters.

The campaign office Trump opened in Edison in May ahead of the New Jersey primary is now closed. While his supporters say the campaign may open a new office in the state around Labor Day, there’s no evidence of that.

Senator Joe Pennacchio expects the campaign will ramp up its efforts in the state.

“We are in the middle of setting up an executive board. We’re in the middle of getting surrogate speakers. So the campaign even though you might not have offices is moving along.”

John Weingart is associate director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers.

He says Trump got this far without much of an on-the-ground campaign operation in most states, just relying on his fame, rallies, and tweets.

“I guess he is banking to some extent on that approach again defying expectations in the fall, but it would be a very different strategy that any of the strategies that have resulted in electing presidents in past cycles.”

 The latest Monmouth University poll shows Hillary Clinton with a 12-point lead over Trump in the Garden State.